In Service Training


In line with our pursuit excellence and core values, we believe in giving our best effort to the task at hand, constantly seeking input, striving for self-improvement, and being open to innovation to achieve the highest standard of service. In-service training and seminars at St. John Paul II Learning Center, Inc. for administrative staff, teachers, parents and students are key to attain our goals of excellence.

Transitional Skills and Career Assessment Training

Focus on improving the academic and functional achievement of children with disabilities to facilitate the child’s movement from school activities including post-secondary education, vocational education, integrated employment, independent living, and community participation.

Brigance Training

Training on Brigance Assessment Tool is essential to benefit students in their evaluation. We are using Brigance Inventory of Early Development and the Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills.

Disaster Preparedness

We realize the need for PWD’s and families to have continuous awareness and preparedness training for calamities and unforeseen events in their lives.

Health and Nutrition

Every year, Nutrition Month is celebrated in July and we cannot over emphasize the role of proper diet and nutrition for a healthy life. Physical exercise is encouraged and is part of the students’ daily routine in school. Parents are advised to pack healthy lunch for their children and prepare well balanced diet at home.

Values Formation

Provides the teachers true insights and values of a being a teacher and the ability to understand and embrace their role in developing the skills of the pupils to appreciate and absorb the lessons better. We hold regular values formation trainings.

International Forum on Assessment and Explicit Instruction K to 12

Seminars are given on the different tools for assessing students with special needs. It provides the faculty and staffs an individualized assessment of students with special needs as a basis for teaching and learning to achieve maximum development.

Structured Teaching for Autism

It is an approach or a strategy that can be tried when learning is difficult and used to lessen behavioral problems of CWA. These include providing predictable and meaningful routines using structures environment, adding visual supports to classroom instruction and activities to increase engagement and independence, and clearly organizing classroom spaces and teaching materials to reduce anxiety and increase appropriate behavior.

Behavior Management Training for Children with Exceptional Needs

This seminar aided the teachers and staff how to respond to behavioral problems of CWSN as well as how to prevent behaviors from occurring in the first place. The tools and techniques presented in the seminar enable the teachers and staff to address challenging behavior confidently and professionally, increasing the likelihood of CWSN, choosing behaviors that are positive, productive and respectful.

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