Instruction & Activities

Program of Instruction

Our program of instruction follows the Individualized Education Program and is both comprehensive and sensitive to the needs of every student. We have adopted the Brigance Development Assessment tool to assess the mental capabilities and developmental level of every individual, as well as to monitor their progress. Our teachers are holders of SPED degrees from top-notch universities and licensed by the Professional Regulation Commission. The faculty and the Board of Trustees are all aware of the importance of being role models in caring for and ensuring a bright future for those entrusted to us. They are family to us.

  • Individualized Education Plan
  • Daily living skills
  • Talent development (music, dance, arts, etc)
  • Sports activities

School Activities

Our programs are designed to fully support and provide wholesome and relevant learning experiences for all students. The teachers and staff undergo regular professional development.

We have a monthly school program wherein students are given the chance to enhance and show off their talents and newly-acquired skills. Students’ parents are also brought in as regular participants in this monthly showcase and are able to monitor progress, compare notes with, and receive encouragement from one another.

We conduct sports-related activities and go to places of interest to the students where they get exposed to the real world like museums, theme parks, and shopping centers. In all these activities, the parents are encouraged to participate alongside their children.

Teachers visit the students in their homes to observe their environment and daily routines. We take this as an opportunity to validate the students' progress with the parents, and parents likewise get a chance to share with teachers on their child/children's needs.

  • Monthly school program (by theme)
  • Home visitation and parent - teacher interaction
  • Camping
  • Educational trips
  • Community immersion

Calendar of Activities

School year 2016-2017
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Updated Calendar of Activities

School year 2016-2017
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