Student Profiles

Our students come from all walks of life. They also have varied intellectual abilities like autism, down syndrome, global delay, etc. and their age ranges from 4 to 40 years. A few of our students are being cared for by single parents (they are either single moms or single dads). The joy that permeates the air in our center is only pure, sincere love for one another without prejudice to who or what is the matter with anyone. Our center welcomes everyone and this is where everyone is special.

Autism is only one of the many challenges among the children we serve. Those with this ability are very happy to come everyday for whatever planned activity in store for them. We not only listen to the needs of these children but we also listen to the needs of their parents and family.

For more information on individual childrenā€™s profile you may come and visit us, send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.

Your donation is much needed to help a special child. Student profiles are available upon request. Kindly contact us to receive the student profile of the child you would like to sponsor or to make a donation.

Mabalot, Robin Josef B.(Josef)
Mababa, Armando G.(JR)
Ang, Kevin Kurk S. (Kevin)
Molano, Mark Anthony S.(Mark)
Manzano, Ramzell M.(Ramzell)
Yuvienco, Vanessa T. (Vannie)
Tugas, Sir Yluck Diamond (yluck)

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