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All around the world and right here at home, volunteers help improve quality of life for others, their communities, and themselves. Volunteers also learn and develop new skills and gain valuable experience in the service of those in need.

Building upon our Filipino Bayanihan spirit, we highly encourage volunteerism and we are delighted to welcome all who want to help with the care of our students and school. In this way, many more are able to experience the joy in learning from and helping out people with special needs.

Why not spend your next company or school outreach activity at St. John Paul II Learning Center and be a part of building stronger communities by helping children most in need of our love and support?

Giving back to your community is easy with the St. John Paul II Learning Center. We are able to accommodate small to large group volunteer activities that will provide rewarding experiences to fit your schedule, interests, and skill sets including, but not limited to:

  • Adopt-a-Student/Class - Help us by supporting one or more of our students who need financial assistance and moral support by covering their tuition costs and spending a day or more in class to cheer them on as they progress!
  • Adopt-a-Trip - Help us by sponsoring a school excursion such as a trip to the farm or the local marketplace where our students will learn valuable life skills in a fun and highly interactive way. Make it even better by coming along for the trip!
  • Group Volunteer Days - Learning and assisting with special education is an excellent way for companies, community organizations, or a group of friends to develop the values of team building, empathy, and leadership. Spend a day or two or longer in our school to get to know our students and put smiles on their faces with group activities and great bonding moments to last a lifetime.

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